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20 years of Service

best service and quality work keep our customer satisfy and come back to us. 


200+ staff in 3 store

All product purchase from our shop is entitle to "Life‐Time free software service warranty" as after sales service.

Desktop or notebook computer will get Operation system installation, office and customise software installation service will be provided upon your purchase.

Our printing service provide Vinyl ၊ Visiting Card / PVC Card / Perfect Book Binding. CCTV installation also provided. Sign board, LED sign are provided by LASER Printer /Cutter and machinery.

Moreover, we also provide video production of Facebook Live Stream, Music State Show, EDM Show.

Our Team

Our Founder and Directors


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Daw Htet Htet Aung
Managing Director

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U Nay Lin Aung
co-Founder, vice Chairman

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U Kyaw Zay Min
co-Fonder, Chairman

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Daw Khaing Win Thu

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Daw May Zon Oo

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Shop #1 ✾ LASER iT & Mobile Phone ✾

 9/16 Botaught Htein Street, Yan Aung 1, Pinmanar.

အမှတ် (၉/၁၆)၊ ဗိုလ်တောက်ထိန်လမ်း၊ ရန်အောင် (၁)၊ ပျဉ်းမနားမြို့။

☎ : 067‐24588, 22917, 23150, 09‐797 9999 70, 797 9999 80

Info Block Image 01
Info Block Image 01

Shop #2 ✾ LASER iT & Mobile Phone ✾

246, Zanbyuthapya Street, Thapyaygone Ward, Naypyidaw

အမှတ် (၂၄၆)၊  ဇဗ္ဗုသပြေလမ်း၊ သပြေကုန်း ရပ်ကွက်၊ နေပြည်တော်။

☎ : 067‐414 979, 414 989, 09‐790 414 979, 790 414 989.

Shop #3    ✾  LASER Digital Printing House ✾

Botaught Htein Street, Yan Aung 1, Pinmanar.

ဗိုလ်တောက်ထိန်လမ်း၊ ရန်အောင် (၁)၊ ပျဉ်းမနားမြို့။

 ☎ : 09 ‐ 797 999 880